Cinematic track rejected! Need help!

I just uploaded this epic track, and it was hard rejected?
Please give me your comments, what is bad?

Link tot track:

Many thanks!

The opening is a little static.

The drums could start earlier (intro is too long), and the brass sounds kinda synthetic.
Otherwise, nice track! Cheers!

it is not bad )))

I find it sounds too much MIDI, needs to be more expressive, more smooth and attached between notes and less quantize. You really need more dynamic from the beginning to the end (begin more quiet and be the loudess near the end when all instruments are playing) and try to use more controller MIDI 11 or 7 on your notes or modulation on crossfade dynamic instruments patches. It clearly miss bass instruments. You get a hole in the bottom of your arrangement. You could had cellos/trombones and double basses on the two lower octaves. On the mix side cut more low end on your instruments and add more hi mid and treble (the frequency response of the mix sound narrow. I hope it can helps! :slight_smile:

I think the song sounds too MIDI, try to humanise it. Also you can work more on arrangement, pay attention to details.


Many thanks guys! It was very helpful answers! =)

As others here, I guess, it could be because of the sound of the strings and brass, To me it sounds too much “synthesized”.