Newcomer - Rejected item in Audiojunge - feedback needeed...

Hi All,
I uploaded 2 cinematic tracks, but all got Hard rejected. Can you please provide some feedback on these items, so that I can rectify those on my next submissions, All feedbacks are highly appreciated!!!

Epic Trailer:
Cinematic Motivational:

I think your string section sounds too flat and “midi”. Play with articulation and dynamics.

Thanks for the feedback!!
I will try to modulate the strings sections. Does this mixing quality sounds proper…?

Any other feedback is highly appreciated…!! so that I can work on those areas…

You need more dynamic in your two tracks and you definately need brass to make it really epic.The arrangement are a bit empty (especially regarding tone) but register too. In the first track, you could place two trombones playing the chords with long notes starting at 1:03 by example and by the end of the track all the brass section could play different parts. At 1:22, it would be the place to add more tones (French Horns or trumpets could appear and play under the violins melody by example (playing the same line one octave lower or a counterpoint). Contrabasses should really play in their lower octave by the end of the track to fill the hole in the bass (it need warm).On the mix side, I would say it need more bass and treble (the frequency response sounds too much narrow). You need more bass on your bass instruments, less low mid on the hi strings. I hope it helps. :slight_smile:

@Anthony sorry for being late in reply. I was off for vacation :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reviewing my tracks in details. It’s really helpful. As I was not understanding where the faults are.
Regarding Horn section, I don’t have a good Horn Library. Can you please suggest a good(a bit pocket friendly ;)) Horn Library which can be used,
Currently I am using Session Strings Pro(NI) for my strings section.


Epic tracks should generically have a HUGE soundstage, just because are EPIC! Your track sounds flat.
Cinematic Motivational is very good for me and for sure is something different from tons of motivational tracks in the market. But that could be why… :sweat_smile:

Anyway, for Brasses section, i suggest CINEBRASS.

Hi there - if you send me a midifile of your track to I would like to have some time with it! :slight_smile:

Thanks for reviewing my tracks. It was very helpful.
Yes, for the trailer one I need to include horn part which is missing completely :stuck_out_tongue: . I will work on that.

It’s really exciting. I will get in touch with you over email :slight_smile:

Hi all,

I got another track as rejected :frowning: , Can you please have a look and let me know what change is required.

Epic Heroic: