Please, help to understand what is wrong with epic track. I need your advice, please:

What are the reasons of rejecting this track?

I’d turn down the watermark and turn up the track a little. The mix down needs some work, the idea is cool though.

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The music lacks scale in sound, epic and brightness.
My advice, banal but, уou need to work more in the mix(equalization, panning, effects processing, etc), and listen to more tracks of top authors in these categories.
Musically a great idea. Perfect for trailer, game, movie :smiley:
You just need to work on quality.
Anyway, I wish you good luck!

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Hi there !
The arrangement its quite good, one thing what I would add it’s some Boom Hits, specially in the beginning because intro feels for me like its missing something and I would remove this drone/pad in the intro :slight_smile: On the other side I would put some more reverb on the shorts strings and brass because its sound dry anddd some EQ in the climax on this Trombones or MultibandCompressor to control Mids. :smiley:

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usually I don’t love most of the rejected tracks, but in your case I must say that I like the composition, a lot of nice ideas!
IMHO (which is not worth that much since all my tracks were rejected and I’m listening through the mac speakers!!!):

  • watermark at the begin is too loud (annoying);
  • nice begin with the marcato strings;
  • I don’t like the second instrument (flute?), sounds more like a synth;
  • The drums sound too loud and harsh at least at the begin (e.g. 0:24), you might want to try some more boomy hits at the begin; also you might want to make some variation in the arrangement (in the first part is repetitive whereas it could progressively be developed and open)
  • the choir is vey nice;
  • the brass staccato doesn’t sound beautiful, maybe the sound is too closed (they don’t really “hit”);
  • the long brass are a little flat (e.g. 2:49). I mean they are ok but consider that in this part they are a leading instrument (“in the front”) but they just play long notes which make them not very interesting. - You can work a little on the sound but rather I would work on the composition/arrangement, e.g. an easy and gentle melody or some effect such as sforzato or glissando;
  • In the same part (e.g. around 1:00) the staccato brass don’t sound good, consider changing the sample or even the instrument (e.g. strings);
  • Also you had some very nice ideas (e.g. some minor transitions which sound very tensive), some drums sound great, such as the opener at 1:00 (which drums did you use? Could you share them if they are not licensed?) and other nice things I’m not mentioning!
    Good luck!
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thank you all!

Thank you!
It is NI Action Strike Drums