Reject. Pls help) Tnx!


Hey, I have this track. It was rejected and I need your help to be able to understand why… Thank you) -__-


You have some nice elements here, but needs work.

The high and low string melodies in the first part conflict. They do not compliment eachother. Maybe make the low string melody less busy so it can compliment the main melody.

Also, the track is pretty anti-climactic. You need more buildup to different sections and better dynamics. Make it more exciting. I was pretty bored before long.


Tnx, Matty
I receive this comment on the lack of dynamics pretty often. I have some main part and some creschendo at the beginning, and I have some quiet part, and I have a culmination, and I also use the randomization for velicities. so how would you recommend to improve dynamics? do u mean different shifts like creschendos and diminuendos withing a single bar, smth like that? from the other side when I had better and wider dynamics people recommended to compress it.)



I think it was rejected because of non-realisitc sound of musical instruments. Try to find more commercial sound. Which libraries did you use?
Also track has no dynamic. It’s seems to me the sound is too flat.


hi, i am not at all a expert in music but here is what your music inspired me , the sound looks interesting , now u have , as Mattyfrench mentioned a bit of a conflict between front and back music , and also it seems to me that there is a sight lack of variations in the rhythm and that this is too linear indeed


tnx, guys.
I used cinematic strings layered with ableton pack strings library and cine brass layered with ableton brass pack. and the drums of war for percussion


For example, at around 1:05, you have a change in instruments and melody. However, the volume and feel stays exactly the same throughout this transition. You must have a dramatic buildup, gradually building percussion and/or other instruments during this transition, leading to a big “bang” of some sort to start of the next section (either a big crash or bass drum or something similar). If you’re going to market this as “Epic”, there must be dramatic changes and bigger climaxes.

I am by no means experienced in this genre, but when I was composing my first cinematic trailer track, an author who inspired me a lot was @gballx. His stuff is top notch so check it out for inspiration.

Hope this helps!