Hard Reject! Please, help me(((

Greetings Tell me, what’s wrong with this track https://soundcloud.com/zed-badley/dark-epic ? What training courses to see to learn? thank

the composition and form for me are ok! The sounds are not good enough. Maybe you can try different library or make layering of strings library.
I hope I helped you a bit! :slight_smile:
All the best

Hey Zed! I Like the track quite a bit, and I think you have some really nice elements in there. But there are also some issues that I think could have led to a rejection.

Firstly, the strings sound a little mechanical at times. Perhaps more automation would help here? Maybe making sure they aren’t 100% quantized as well, or adding extra reverb. But this is a minor thing for me, the bigger issue is the lack of filling during the epic parts. It just feels a bit thin and loud to me. I think you need some more high and low-frequency elements in there. Maybe spread-voicing some strings just playing the chords in the background. The volume here is definitely an issue as well. It feels like there’s a lack of dynamic range in all of the instruments and kind of like they are all fighting to be the loudest thing. It gives the feeling of having just one volume during the epic parts, where it feels like it should be more swelly or flowy. I think automating the volumes of the horns more could help.

I think you have some really great ideas here but just need some tweeking, maybe a few additional elements. Best of luck!

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Don’t like AJ response messages.
They say nothing about why a track was rejected.
We spend a lot of time and energy to write, record, mix and master tracks and when they demand high quality, at least give us a decent answer why our work is not suited for AJ.