Need your help, comrades.

Hello guys (ladies), I’m not a newbee on AJ, or at music (this is my second account). I’m here about 6 years, but I haven’t ever seen before this kind of reviewers work: 6 rejects in one month…maybe I lose my skills? or something else? Guys (ladies), I need your feedback. I just upload on SC one of rejected tracks, and I need your oppinion about possible reasons to reject. For earlier thank you, my friends, and have a nice day :slight_smile:

I really liked your track, sounds good to me. :slight_smile:
The only thing I found annoying is the bass pad sound that starts around 16s, it’s too loud. But other than that, very well done.
Now, some nitpicking would include the whole sound (except bass) being pushed back into the soundstage, and the stereo image being a bit narrow. Personally, I’m fine with that, don’t even like when it’s too wide, but that’s just me and my headphones.
Keep up the good work and always improve. Cheers!

Thank You, SparrowArt for your feedback, i realy appreciate it.

Tools need “Equalization” of 400-800 Hertz - heavy load. try to do soft cuts to -6 dB at the ear. Define the major tools and minor. Flying instruments in the panorama of classical music is not very welcome. Pipe lose their “power” and “epic” because of flying on the panorama.

Thank you, EvgenM, for your feedback, I realy appreciate it. I think you are not right about heavy load…I think it’s subjectively

Soooooo, I understood your oppinion about this track…but…today, I recieve new hard reject…this is it …ARE YOU F***ING KIDDING WITH ME?! I lose 2 weeks, to make this track more commercial…but…hard reject, again, without reasons…I’m very disappointed

The drum doesn´t fit.
Bad mixing and mastering.
Something weird happen at 0:53

Thank you, Manriquedelara.
“The drum doesn´t fit”…that so subjectively
"Bad mixing and mastering."…hmm, I can’t hear any problems (on my ADAM A7X) in both compositions
"Something weird happen at 0:53" - What are talking about? as for me - nothing bad

I think it’s a good and different idea, but maybe I can help with some ideas about rejection:

  • from 0:37, the drums change… It sounds a little bit strange to me… until this point the track remembered me a little bit a sweet spanish christmas, “tamborilero”… maybe following this style could be nice…
  • nice piano, I think it needs a more stable background, dont’ surprise the audience with unnecessary changes.
  • I would like to listen the jingle bells all the track, not just at the start and at the last, softly, keeping in mind that this is a christmas song…

good luck!

What do you not agree? The fact that your tools are in one “register”? The fact that you do not cut off frequency “equalizer” to merge the sound from the different instruments? And how heroic the track, you hear “muted guitar” with the corporate motif of the melody?

  • “Bitrate” needs to be done 320kbit if you want someone to give you “objective” advice.

You need to work with “EQ”, automation of volume and customize the panorama. Your extension “Side” to the limit will not help. “ADAM A7X” will not help if you are not able to hear. Turn your track at full volume and turn the “top track” C “Aj” in this genre… and feel the difference. Good luck

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Good advice @EvgenM … I’m not an expert with equalizations, but I think I will also take a good note! :smiley:
Good luck @anon20123174
good luck to all! :smiley:

I like the first composition, but I would change the mute guitar part. Mute guitar is way too overused. I think midi mute guitars generally sound a bit cheap, especially when quantised so tightly. Maybe you could try recording an actual mute guitar for that part, or use a different instrument.
I like the brass sounds. The strings could sing out a bit more. It’s a bit too drum heavy for me.

The Christmas track is a fusion of styles that I don’t think fit very well together. I would say that the suffle in the hi-hats sounds odd when the melody and chords are played straight. Also I don’t think the bombastic drums go well together with the classical sounding piano part. Perhaps a more pop sounding piano with a smaller reverb for the melody would suit those drums better.
To my ears, there are mix issues here too. The drums sound very boxy, while the piano part breathes too much. The hi-hats aren’t very crisp and sound a bit lost and mushy.

Good luck with them both.