Hard Reject, please help.

I got two hard rejects, could someone please help me, and provide me some feedback and direction as in where I can improve?

Thanks a lot.

Track 1:
-The overall sound seemed dull and not loud enough (even given the style)
-I believe that the melody and rhythm don’t match, creating a sense of imbalance.
-Composition has no development, the track sounds a little monotonous.
-Some sounds are unnatural
Track 2:
Apparently, most libraries were used from 1 track, so 1 and 4 points apply to this track too. 2 track seemed to me more complete by composition than 1, but still not worked out enough. I think I understood the idea of 2 track, but it’s obviously not realized. Music sounds somehow timid, there is not enough “majesty”, “festivity”, bright strings,brass and woodwinds. Strings that sound in both tracks are not the best choice of library, try something else, the choice is huge. Keep it going!:wink:

Thanks man. Thank you for listening and sharing your thoughts. Can you suggest some strings libraries that you would use for these tracks?

I’m not sure that on the forum you can specify the software vendors. There are more quality libraries than bad ones - it’s only a matter of personal taste and how well you understand the possibilities of the existing library.

Sounds good, thanks. I will keep on trying different libraries then. Do you have any tips or approach so I can get less rejects?

The only and most reliable way to avoid rejection: self-development as a musician, constant improvement of music creation skills, ability to use existing libraries / plug-ins, learn from your own failures, focus on professionals and bestsellers (DO NOT copy), try try try and try again until you get it. Nothing gets simply

Yeah, sometimes I wish they would comment on what’s wrong with the track when they are hard reject. It’s a little hard to know what’s wrong without any directions at all.

Probably in this there is some sense. Envato is not a training site, and if you give an explanation for every rejection, there will be no other time left) It is also a good tool for screening out authors with frivolous intentions. After all, every rejection is a blow to the pride of the author, because he created this track, it’s his “offspring”) Those who cope with this and improve the quality of their product, eventually get a “green light”. But looking ahead, I will say that with the approval of the first track, another stage of fighting will start. You think “it’s a great track, it’s approved on the AJ, now the sales will flow the river!” But here reality tells you:“wow wow, buddy, slow down…”

yeah, I will just keep on working and submitting then…

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Hey man!

Just to give you some feedback like you asked. First of all: I like the idea and melodies. I see that those names fit the tracks perfectly ;). But I agree to what @Lemonello said in his first comment. The sounds of your tracks seem a bit dull. But then again: getting good orchestral sounds is either a very hard or expensive business (unless you go down a criminal path which I am obviously not advertising).

If you get to the point where you have to work with what you have, you try and max out the potential of those sounds, even when they are not top notch. It is not a solution, and it might not solve the rejection, but it can make for better results. So in your case you could consider making it bigger. Layer some of those strings and add some reverb to a few channels. Beef up the drums. Spend some time chewing out that mixdown (throw the drums more to the back, but give them more punch, arrange some of the strings when layered in different positions ‘on the canvas’). What I am trying to say is that honestly the tracks are not able to pass the bar yet. But it makes for good experience trying to work out a better product. Get some reference tracks and work towards the best you can, you’ll see that your next songs will get better and better.

And then this last point (sorry for all the text). But I am a beginner as well and not the proud owner of expensive and great organic sounds. So I am having trouble as well to work with orchestrals and strings etc. I am not sure if orchestral songs are your passion, but if you want to compete on AJ, you could also consider aiming at ‘easier’ products. So check what you can do with all-electronic tracks to prevent a battle with outdated organic sounds. When you are going full electronic, you can also get to this point where ‘fake strings’ become a strength again if all is done right, but that is a whole other story. But maybe it will cut some work if you want to be on AJ as soon as you can :).

Anyway, keep up the good work and good luck!



Hello @WolfpackBranding, thank you for your great feedback on the tracks. I will pay attention to the EQ maybe also look into other choices of strings. I really do like strings, but I haven’t gotten the skills to make them sound good yet. I am keep on trying, and hoping it gets better overtime. Thanks again.