Please check rejected track. Need help.

Hi all!
Need your help with this track - it was rejected with reasoning: “quality issue”.
I’ve checked it several times before submitting and asked my wife to listen to it, we did our best and could not find any reason for this track no to be good enough for publishing.
Here is the track

Really need your help with explanation! Thanks!

Everything sounds too mechanical. There is not enough dynamics. The sounds are unnatural. Definitely need to change the string sample library. Sharp transitions between parts. There is not enough spatial processing. The mix is dry.

@audiomania Thank you for the feedback! Could you please suggest string library to use ?
About dry mix - yes, it is. I’ve decided not to go for a lot of reverb to avoid dirtynies. Maybe I’ve did it too much dry.

“There is not enough dynamics” - please elaborate regarding this, what dynamic you mean ? Of some precise instrument ?

“The sounds are unnatural.” - which one ? Is this because absence of reverb or something else ?

For example spitfire audio albion one.

For the piano too

@audiomania wow, that is amazing! thank you so much!