first cinematic

hi guys,

today i made my first “action cinematic” track and need your feedback. What can i do better? sounds good? reasons for hard reject? thx :slightly_smiling:


It is nice track, but here a few tips:
Usually, trailer has specific structure: intro - middle chorus - verse - expression chorus - outro. For sure you can experiment with it, but for sake of commercial variety, it is better to stay in such limits.
Would be nice to work with instruments and track detaliztion. Right now it sounds to dry. You should add more impacts, risers, etc.
Strings fade out and drop not the best solution in trailer music, try to get highest expression in the end, and then cut it with huge riser.

Anyway, nice one for first cinematic track!
Good luck :wink:

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@TitanSlayer Thanks for your feedback and all that tips, thats realy important for me. I use them as “to do list for cinematic” :slight_smile:

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Glad I can help :wink:

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I would try to vary the track slightly as it progresses. i.e. change the string ostinato pattern half way through the piece, or play it on a different instrument etc. You could also bring in a lot more percussion/brass/effects to help build the piece to a climax at the end. As the track uses the same chord pattern throughout, it needs other elements to maintain listener interest.

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@purecomposition thanks for your tips. I put them to my “cinematic to do list” too :slight_smile: