Hollywood Action Music

Hi guys I uploaded 2 new items to audiojungle and waiting for review, could you let me know what do you think about them? Thanks in advance, Marcin


i dont know about the first one. It doesn’t really go anywhere and you used the same sounds in both of the tracks. Hope its accepted/ :slight_smile:

I didn’t use the same sounds in those tracks, they are similar, but not the same, this music is for trailers, so I don’t understand the line “It doesn’t really go anywhere”, but I respect your opinion, thanks.

I think the track “Hollywood Trailer” misses a bit of balance between the distorted stab and the string lines. In adition the distorted stab is a bit too repetitive and looses effectiveness along the track.
I like more the second “Dynamic Trailer Ident” but there is also too much distorted stab. I should advice to filter it a little so it changes a bit along the track.
I hope it helps.
These are just my humble opinions, tell me how it worked after reviewed. Asking for opinions and help is the way :slight_smile:

Hey I think these are pretty good…nice work!

Not sure what kind of feedback you’re interested in, but I agree that the hits/stabs are a bit “upfront” in the mix and definitely steal from your cool strings in the first track. The 2nd track is better balanced, but again, stabs feel like they could sit better.

Good luck and keep up the good work!

Really track is very good!!! But for me - too much compressions…нowever, this style allows you to used such a level… i think is normal…

Thanks for your comments, they really helped me, maybe bassline is strong with the hit moment, but in the movie or game trailers the moment when the title or blow appears, it needs to be distinguished to add dynamic to the whole project, I create this type of music especially for Videohive authors who making intense and stunning trailers. Best regards, Marcin

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These are great starts. I really like the Ident. I agree with most of the above comments. Balance is the key. Let us hear those beautiful strings add the suspense and musicality. :slight_smile:

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