Action Trailer for review

Hello guys. I just want to know what do you think about my new trailer music. Is it ready for upload ? What do you think? Thanks in advance for your opinions. Marcin Klosowski

Just to mention, soundtrack is in the queue already, but your opinions are still highly needed. Regards, Marcin Klosowski

Nice track, but the staccato strings and sustains sound very fake, like in sordino. Also the percussion in background are not defined. The mix is kind of crashed, you might have used the compressor too much. It has a good potential though, I would have only fixed that stuff before.

Thanks for your suggestion, I’m sure that will help a lot. Regards

Nice track… but this is not going to get approved because of the staccato tracks mentioned earlier in this thread.
They really need work… every string stroke sound exactly the same making it fake sounding.

Hi, i like your track but what’s mentioned above, the strings are to staccato. Try to variate with the velocity of those spiccato’s. It’s sounds to unnatural now. I think you have to delete it from queue and make it better before uploading. If you leave it like this i think the will reject your track because the standards are very high at the moment. I had several rejections as well and it’s not a nice feeling.

Good luck.

Thanks for all replies, I’ve fixed those staccatos already and uploaded new version. Regards to all.