Looking for opinions "Trailer Music Project"


Hi guys, as always I just want to know your opinion before item will be published. Tell me what do you think, thanks in advance and best regards, Marcin Klosowski


I just wanna refresh this thread, because no answers here, maybe this track isn’t worth commenting, but even then I would feel better with some critique, cheers people :slight_smile:


Great Trailer track, nothing wrong i guess, just upload it and see the outcome. you want to get any feedback just go to this thread Feedback 4 Feedback


Very nice track. Epic and powerful. Vocals is great =)


Perfet work!!! But…i wanna more:) I would add one more “circle”:smile:


Little bit short. Other than that: very nice !


+1 I’d add at least a 15-second loud and aggressive climactic part after the bass drop, also the strings seemed somewhat monophonic to me. But I like it overall.


Thank you all for your kind words :slight_smile:


Your work has good sounds… but! it is more like cinematic track not ident as with incomplete structure. You have very good intro\prologue (0:00-0:015) and then goes your tension with a strings, as for me it sounds not enough for an ident track or a trailer, try to add more movement as well as effects, and i’m agreed with @WorldBeyond about additional 15 seconds. Your track need “climax” - cause structure more like running dog on a gif below…


awesome but could have a better ending. right now it has a growling sound and ends suddenly.