Can i have some feedback before i upload???

Here is a track that its almost finished ! Any feedback will be helpful brothers ! :slight_smile:


Sounds great for a trailer! Only thing I could notice is that the strings are a bit dry and too loud, for a trailer the drums, percussion and effects should be upfront, but this is only my opinion. :wink: Great work in any case!

I like it! Nice track!

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Hey @WolfSound! Great work! Gif below says everything else:
P.S. Upload it!!!

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Cool track, the only thing I would change are the levels of instruments. Bass effect which start from the beginning of the song is maybe too loud, more reverb on strings and louder drums on the chorus. Hope this was helpful, cheers! :slightly_smiling:

Thanx a lot. Will work a little bit more and upload tomorrow :slight_smile:

Thanx for the feedback. I am on it :slight_smile:

Nice job, as for me the track is awesome :+1: GL :wink:

thanx @MassDream ! but i think a little bit more tweakin is for the best ! :slight_smile: