Trailer Track rejected any help appreciated.

Hello, this was my second attempt at a cinematic trailer.

My first has done OK

but my latest track was rejected for commercial composition/arrangement standard.

I was wondering on any tips on how to improve it so I don’t make the same mistakes in the future. I was going for a Dan Brown thriller kind of feeling. I feel I might have gone over the top with the crashes and hits but this seems quite common in modern trailers. I wan’t sure of the synth sequence sound either. I am not entirely surprised it was rejected. Was there too much going on? Did I complicate it?

Thanks for your time.


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Too soft for the trailer , a bit monotonous and very a lot of high frequencies )))

For me, it sounds more like some background atmosphere than trailer. Maybe you can try to upload it in some other genre. I hope this was helpful to you.


I think it’s rejected because there is no actual pattern in this track. Feels like random pads with random sfx and a synth. My advise is do music like the one accepted. Has a trailer structure and works for trailers.
And remember… loud is not always ok.
Video editors pay attention to a wise mix :wink:
Hope that helped

Thank you WildLion_Production. I think you are right

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Thanks for the idea.

Yes I think you’ve hit the nail on the head WolfSound. I composed this is a new way. I had all these sounds and was just throwing them together trying to be too formulaic and probably forgetting about the music side.

Hi! In my opinion too vague, it is not clear where the beginning of where the end and culmination, I also have not heard. Very loud that we had to make the sound softer dynamics to not burnt)) Something like this)

Thank you Mikhail. yes I do have a habit of over compressing. I also need to work on the compossotion.

Hello, thanks for sharing your track. To me it sounds like it’s not a trailer at all, but rather a collection of random sound effects and sound design, which is fine if you are making it for a specific scene, but not for a trailer composition. A lot of the trailers on youtube feature 2 or 3 different trailer compositions where they just use a section of each, and many of the loud bangs and sweeps and crashes are actually not part of the original compositions, they are added by the video editor who is constructing the trailer, and they are timed to match the cuts.

Thanks valuable information BlueSkyAudio.

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