Rejected Tracks, can I get some feedback please

My first cinematic/sci-fi trailer music upload was rejected. Like most people on hear, I am just looking for any feedback/advice I can get.

I think the overall idea is good, but in the beginning there is this annoying sample repetition (machine gun effect) that happens without RR sampled sounds. The synthy (“Sci-Fi”) sound is also completely out of balance with everything else, needs a better mix. The ending was kind of abrupt.

I am currently listening with bad consumer headphones… and the beginning is really muddy and with very low freqs, so bacisally I don’t hear clearly, I have to crank the volume up. So I would work on the mix.

The “blippy” sound is a bit strange to my ear, it seems somehow unrelated to the rest, maybe, again, it is more a mixing issue than anything else.

Thanks for the feedback