Hard reject, need feedback

Hi friends, I have another hard reject. I don’t understand what is the reason.
Here is the listening link.
Please, if you understand what the matter is, let me know. I would be very glad for any help.

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Hi @Radio_Parma, before I write a long text here, what could be wrong with your song, I have some questions to you. First, I saw on your profile, that you have actually 4 items online, all from the logo category.

  • Have you ever produced trailer-like music before?
  • Have you ever heard a similar item of trailer music from other successful composers here? If yes, have you noticed any differences to your creation?
  • Have you ever used this piece of music together with a trailer-youtube-video as a test, how your music works?
  • Have you ever imaginally took the place from a customer? Would you buy this creation and use it for an end product?

I strongly recommend to do the second point of my list. You’ll find the answer by yourself then, I’m sure.
In my opinion you’ll have a better succes, if you keep producing in the logo category. But it’s your decision.

The logos that I have in my portfolio are what I have accepted. But these aren’t all the logos I’ve made.
Here are the answers to the questions.
1.I didn’t create trailers before. This is my first trailer that I posted for review, but it’s far from the only one.
2. Trailers I heard. I listen to them specially on YouTube, from other authors, on other stocks. As my experience shows, there are many tracks on sale on the Internet that are both worse and better than mine. In every sense, in terms of music, mixing, mastering. And they are all accepted, and sold and bought. About the difference. Yes, it is, but it is, as I believe, just different music, neither better nor worse. This opinion, not an isolated one, is confirmed by my friends and acquaintances at work. Unfortunately, all of them are not related to music in the sense of production or use. But, some of my tracks, my colleagues asked me, and put them on their phone, as a ringtone or alarm clock.
3. Before uploading the track, I checked how it works with videos from YouTube. I turned off the sound, turned on my track. In meaning, it fits a lot. I even tried how it works with mixed martial arts videos. Fedor Emelianenko, walking into the ring, looks very cool and epic, even without any music.
4. I would insert my own track into a computer game.
And I will continue to make logos. Only now, I have been doing music for many years, playing guitar, bass guitar, drums. And I want to make music and not just one logo.

Hi @Radio_Parma,

thank you for answering my questions.
I admit, that I was a bit surprised about your answers, about your self-confidence and about your satisfaction with your own work. But it’s not my part to judge it.

As promised, here now a more detailed opinion about your creation:

  • The reviewer was right with his decision. After hearing the first 10 seconds of the track, I would make the same decision
  • your song has no concept. The notes you’re playing are randomly. The complete part from 00:30 to 01:16 is an annoying noise, the same as from 01:55 to 02:16. The guitar plays random notes. The spiccato strings playing always the same notes - the whole song one single note! There is no song progression. The drums playing bum-chak bum chak - that’s not enough.
  • your instrumets seems to play different songs - it sounds crooked. Nothing fits together.
  • your drums are too loud and they have too much reverb. Also the type of the chosen reverb is wrong.
  • the spiccato stings playing too fast (1/32 notes or 1/16 depending on your song tempo)- this is not realistic. Also the strings have way too much reverb and also a wrong reverb algorithm. It sounds like strings in a big empty aircraft hangar.
  • the brasses are too quiet and far away
  • your guitar sounds weird and less versatile played. You wrote in your answer, that you’re a guitar player. Maybe it’s not easy to play a guitar realistic on a keyboard, but your guitar here is far away from any professional guitar playing.
  • your brass plays the whole song the same ascending boring 8 notes phrase in the same octave.
  • your song has no composed end. It ends unexpected and abrupt.
  • you mix is - excuse my hard words - simply horrible

As a conclusion: What could be done wrong was perfectly realized here. I’m sorry to say that. This piece of music lacks in every aspect of quality and expectations for commercial music.
I cannot give you any hint to do it better.

Hello - I listened to your track and I made these observations, I am not a reviewer just my humble opinion:

  1. Drums and perc are okay although I would use something like a gated reverb to add a more punchy sound
  2. Orchestral elements like strings and brass really need attention as they are far too weak in sound (library) and arrangement. Your rising string line does not add any tension.
  3. No climax to the trailer, no build up and consequently no resolution or resolve.

Listen to @RobertSlump, @MartijndeBont or @SkyProductions - these are true masters within this genre.

Thanks, buddy. I get it, you’re a thousand times right. Today I listened again, watched how the track works with the video on YouTube and was horrified. How it happened that I considered this work finished, I can not understand. I’ve been doing this track for over a week. I have a question for you. Do you know how, how exactly do reviewers work, what exactly do they do, what are their evaluation criteria for a particular music? Or where can I find information on this issue? Or maybe somewhere on the forum it is already there?

Hi @Radio_Parma,

the reviewers have one main question about your track: Will it sell on Audiojungle?
They have no checklist in front, I guess. But they are well trained by Audiojungle.
There are a lot of criterias, which leads to an approval or a rejection.
Here’s a good video about the review process from Audiojungle.
There’s also a long long post in the forum from Audiojungle, which explains the complexity of the review process, I searched for, but cannot find it actually. I’ll search for again and post the link here. It was a really good post, I’ve much learned from.

Hi friend, thank you for your opinions and links. I will definitely listen.

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Hi Mikhail!
I think it might be easier to answer your question: It’s boring!
I cannot give advice - I am not a composer. But, I experimented a bit with the trailer tracks. For a whole month I was impressed by one of my experimental tracks (I made it for myself). I posted it to give to other people. He was immediately accepted and sold. Why is it for sale (I asked myself a question)? Because it’s not boring!
You can focus on this meaning. (if it helps you)
Your track won’t be on sale - don’t even dream (the reviewer is 100% right)

Thanks, Buddy. I understand your answer. Boring is an adjective that can be translated into Russian in different ways. In any case, if I clearly understand the meaning of the word boring, then I do it in my own categories. The track I did for a long time. I listened to it many times, compared it with others, and included it in YouTube videos. Befdownloading, I thought it was gorgeous. But the arctic fox came. Recently, I did the same thing again and realized that it was “boring”. I do not understand which track will catch the listener, and which will not.

Watch lots or trailers 2021 on Youtube which you probably do anyway. Look out for the structure and musical devices that sets mood, supports the action and watch out for the climax and how it gets there. Think also about the sonic landscape and orchestral sound libraries used. This genre is highly competitive and these tracks normally have the high-end library palettes at their disposal. Native Instruments do not really cut it these days and so you should look at AaronVenture for Brass possibly and of course Spitfire Audio although you need to look at orchestration and arrangemt techniques to really get the maximum out of these sounds.

Have Fun.

@gballx is right, the chosen libraries have a big impact in the trailer genre.
When it comes to recommendations, have a look on the Orchestral Tools “Metropolis Ark 1” library. It’s an all-in-one library and perfectly suitable to the trailer genre.
For the persussions of course Heavyocity “Damage 2” and from Keepforest “Ferrum”.

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Ah yes, OT Metropolis ARK 1 should be the default for this genre, I completely forgot about it. Everyone should have it - 1,2,3,& 4!

Thank you guys. I will definitely try these libraries. In this track I used Native Instruments (strings, brass, percussion).

If you (or I) had this understanding, then we would be richer than the “Pink Zebra”. But, we do not have this (no understanding - no money), so we can only “scratch the top of our head” :slight_smile:

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