I`m sorry, what`s wrong with my trap logo?

This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard.
Is it?

Hi ! I think your logo is not enough conclusive, it’s miss some clear and defined ending. It’s sound more like a stomp and percussive track than a logo.

I’m not expert but this is my feelings and my thought ! But the sound in itself is great !

Good luck :slight_smile:
Don’t be desperate and keep doing it :slight_smile:

thanx. this is my fourth unsuccessful upload, i`m tired(

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I easily understand what you mean, my experience here about rejection is worst than yours (70 rejects or more I don’t count anymore, it’s a waste of time ) :slight_smile: And It still like this, but don’t loose faith, just work the best as you can, try to upload on, other market too. Approvals will come step by step. Actually it’s more harder to get approved. Think about all the great author who compose music during 5 / 10 years now. We can’t handle this in the near present, but on the long run, we will be able to get there too :slight_smile:

And rejection doesn’t mean that your work never be sold. Most of my rejection here works well on other market !


what markets are good? except this

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Go pm :slight_smile:

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