Rejection reason

Hi fellow composers

Would you be kind to tell me why my track got rejected “Horror Trailer Music”

Thank you!

I see two main issues:
mixing and mastering: There are frequencies which hurts my ears, really. I know, horror music contains unusual sounds, screaming, scratching and so far. Tey should disturb the listener but not hurt him.

Composing: The first part isn’ too bad until 00:40. The hit at pos 00:19 is too my opinion. The concept change from the drone sound to that hard hitting sounds from 00:42 to 01:05 is way too radical. Also in this part you have that hurting frequencies. The complete last part is too aggressive for an horror trailer. Horror needs suspension and tension but not a flood of hard hitting trailer drums.
Also - in my opinion - there is no virtuosity. Only this one key braaaams. I miss some tension building strings and brasses.

But hey, it’s only my opinion. Wait for other comments, maybe they can tell you a bit more.

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I agree with you on 100% things you said but I was under the impression that this is a stock music website and not a publishers library. I have music far more polished which I think would also be “too complex” for audiojungle. I guess I have to find the middle.

@Sound_Hole : I guess, that’s one thing, what many of us had to learn: Stock music doesn’t mean cheap and “quick and dirty” productions. Especially envato expects high quality standards and sometimes it happens, that they also reject items from very experienced und successful composers, if they think, that the item doesn’t meet their quality standards (which means then, that the item will not sell on AJ). Unfortunately you’ll never get a reason in detail from them, why the item is rejected. But we have a great community here, who can help you to analyze and find the possible reasons.

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Think it’s good, but like @Daydreamz-Studios says think the mixing, meaning the extreme dynamic range, is the main problem here