My track has been rejected, advice needed please!

Hi all. I have a horror trailer track that has just been rejected, and I’m not sure why. I have meticulously produced and mixed this track, based on a popular horror trailer track already for sale on Audio Jungle. All feedback and help welcome! Thank you.

I am not much into this horror trailer genre, but to me it sounds like a demo… Maybe you need to work more on details, use reverb and dly wisely. Some fx’s sounds strange like the one in 0:44.

Wait the other guys I

I had a horror track rejected and they send me a message “interesting but too much weird and experimental”… they don’t like much “experimental” and “out of ordinary” things. I think you have to select good the sounds and instruments and give some more uniformity… I feel that some sound efx are too much outstanding… so loud… and totally agree with @RainyAudio … some weirdness and inconstancy .
just my opinion.
good luck

Thanks guys for the responses. The problem I have, is that this is MEANT to sound weird and disturbing, that is what a good horror trailer does! I can always tone down the volume of some of the FX, but again, they were meant to sound like this. Perhaps Audio Jungle wants more of a “clean” sound?

Any other thoughts people?