Rejected Halloween track on Audio Jungle.

HI….Although I’m a new author to Audio Jungle, I’m not new to the world of writing/recording/producing library music - something that I’ve returned to after a 10 year break.
Anyway… I just recently put in 4 tracks with a Halloween theme of which 2 were rejected. This is one of the the tracks that was rejected. I often make short simple animations,similar to this, to help promote the tracks on youtube and twitter, as a visual accompaniment -which can often help " sell " a track.

I know that Audio Jungle doesn’t like tracks that have sudden rhythmical shifts or chord intervals that are unusual/ jarring, but, in my opinion, these are the elements that are necessary for Horror/ Halloween types of composition. I would love to hear of any feedback/advice and discussion from other authors on this track and, in their opinion, why it was rejected.
Thanks for your time

I think the composition is fine including unusual chords etc. It’s the production side that is lacking. The samples you use must sound a bit better and/or be tweaked more to give a better allround sound.

By the way, make sure you tag your threads with “audio” or many composers will miss them.

Thanks for the advice and the tagging advice too !