PLEASE read / review NEEDED - Rejection for 3 years continuously

Hello friends,
I am continuously being rejected by some/or one of the reviewers without any explanations whatsoever.
My last approved item dates three years a go, and I have tried coupe of times with different tracks.
I feel discouraged to even try anymore!
I have only 9 items on Audio Jungle, 111 Sales!
MOST of them got accepted on second upload,
Feels like I got lucky not to be reviewed by the REJECTING guy!
This is the track that got rejected

It has 4 variations of the same theme, that could be used for documentary purposes.
The track was used for an award winning documentary in a festival in New York,
While for the AJ (reviewer) doesn’t meet the standard requirements.
I always make sure to meet the standards,
Why is this happening to my studio I don’t understand,
Any help/ idea/ critic , much appreciated.
Yours truly,
Lost Sound Studio
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Hi! Nice work;) This track can perfectly suits for documentary or any kind of the other movies. But audiojungle tracks need to be generic enough to work across the variety of brands and their video content.
Your track sounds similar to the “halloween” genre. You can make a good halloween track. Pay attention to the structure of the similar audiojungle tracks. And better wait for the autumn months to upload this one :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot for your reply friend.
I don’t know what to do.
It’s all about who is reviewing the items!

I think the sound is old. (You need to make a new arrangement). Upper frequencies a little. I listened to the first version, it lacks pressure in the second part. Just now the requirements have become tougher. But your music is good. Its worth refining

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331 thanks a lot for the hints and critiques. It means a lot to me.
And I agree to a degree, but the idea of the track is a background music for documentaries, and theater/horror like (Discovery investigation) scenes when it is assumed to be used over a voice-over / chat,
That’s why i didn’t push it to hard on pressure.
But still,
thanks a lot mate!
Have a great week ahead.

An advice. Always try to make everything much more fluid without sudden changes. Ideas that come out and then come back. The song is very good but Audiojungle always looks for structures that are more squared.

Thanks a lot for the advice Octopuic.
I agree on your pov, even though I believe in a track’s spirit, idea and uniqueness.
If we all thought alike and composed alike then we’d be alike and the stock/world would have 7 tracks.

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what happens to 1:004 and 1:06? I hear a weird cut off and silence, you know that that could be a reason to decline it right? Use headphones before submitting to hear details. Reviewers might listen with headphones (microscope)

Also, I agree, the sound is muddy (too much 200-400 Hz and not much highs)
And also some sounds sound very dry and electronic, rather than real. Use some reverb to them, like the choir sounds to me completely dry… Make them more alive

And whats the reason of that lo fi sound? Have you used anything weird to the sound or some sounds?

Some strings also sound too dry, too much dry sounds, lifeless. Don’t get me wrong, this is a great track.

AND to the final crescendo , what ending is that? it stops suddenly instead of having a reverb tail or sustain to it… be careful with all these things man. Good luck!


Watching the video, I think this is because it is another track… two versions of the same theme…

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@Pandocrator Pandocrator another track switches there.
And the rule is no pauses between tracks.
Cuz the final version on the zip has got the tail. As for the reverb, it’s weird cuz I am a mega reverb user, and i thought i was using it too much (checked on monitors, headphones and car) :confused:

Everything is fine with this song, people trying too hard to find some negatives.

Audiojungle simply is not a platform for this type of composition, it is a “STOCK” market, items needs to be VERY universal.

This type of music it is better to compose with the specific art director, for a particular film for example.

I like the song very much, I associate it with the entry of the series “Genius” on National Geographic :wink:

In my opinion this piece was rejected because it has no commercial potential, that’s all.

@Octopusic i think he said everything you need to know.


Thanks a lot for the kind words friend.

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