Need feedback about this cinematic rejected item

Thank you guys :slight_smile:

I think the mixdown could be better. It lacks of depth and dimension. The intro sounds weak, sometimes drums are too loud.

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Good soundtrack !!! I think that the reason for the refusal is not a very good selection of musical instruments. Try
to replace the piano at a concert or orchestral piano (piano
arrangement now would fit for a pop or techno music) String - I think
that should be replaced with a thicker sound, or add another group of
strings, for example: the cello. Now the string sound empty and yet it seems that excessively used strereo extender.
The second part of the track - a repeat of the first part. Now, as the first and second sound exactly the same. I advise you to add more diversity orchestral drums and percussion in the second part of the track.
And yet it seems to me that the master section too used stereo expander. (Perhaps this is not so, but the feeling that the mid-frequency component of the mix very smeared or blurred).
This is all that can be seen at first glance.
Sorry for my English, I hope you will understand)))

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thanks to the both of you
Yes i will deff follow some good advice here…like yeah add a cello section, change piano sound and vary something in the second half, in the melody and drums too…
production-wise i’ll check the spatialiser in the strings bus … and of course check the mixing stuff as well

if you have more, please tell!

thank you :slight_smile: