Seeking review/advice prior to submission

As I am still new here, I would appreciate any feedback/advice/tweeks to the following piece before I submit it.

The strings sound very fake/midi - especially the lead line. You’ll most likely need some better virtual instruments. Also the mix is quite muddy/distorted in the low-end with way too much high-end sizzle.

I think compositionally it’s quite nice and soothing but I feel like you’ll probably have some trouble getting this piece accepted in its current state.

Thanks, orbiterred! Much appreciated.
The strings are East/West Hollywood Strings Silver.
Perhaps I will try the Gold and see if they sound better.

Oh well it definitely shouldn’t be the quality of the samples then… maybe just how they are played in, phrasing that sort of thing? It could also just be level that is throwing me off, the lead violin is very loud when it comes in.

Good information. I’ll work on that.
Thanks very much for your input. Greatly appreciated!

Hi, the composition is great.

I agree with everything @orbiterred has stated. I’d also add that it would sound better if the violin played an octave lower.

Hey, OvertSounds!
Thanks very much for your kind remarks.
I will definitely try that out.