New Happy Acoustic Piece - Haven't Submitted Yet

Hey Guys, I’m just looking for some honest feedback on a piece of music. I haven’t submitted it to AJ yet, not even sure if it hits the standard it needs to. Would just like to hear some honest feedback about the overall production levels and any tips at all and go from there. Glad to return the favour (for what it’s worth!).

Piece here:

Sounds really nice, @orbiterred! Very clean and simple composition that is also engaging, bright, and endearing.

If I was to offer some constructive feedback for your consideration, the only thing I might add is that the depth and wetness of the reverb on the piano that comes in around 0:49 is a teensy bit off and makes it sound a little too virtual in certain places, especially compared to the more natural sound of the other instruments used. You might also want to double check the velocity of the piano notes, particularly the one around 1:39. But just to be clear, that’s just being super picky and within the realms of subjectiveness and personal preference. I definitely appreciate that certain musical and production choices and decisions come down to artistic license and preference which authors have the freedom to pursue and retain if they so wish.

Are you using Logic as your DAW by the way? Some of the reverb you used kinda reminded me of Space Designer on Logic.

For what it’s worth and for full disclosure, I help review for AudioJungle so I hope this feedback encourages you to consider submitting your work. This is not a guarantee or endorsement for acceptance of course. Best of luck with your AudioJungle journey and thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

The drums need more drive to it. Like an open hihat for ex leading the instruments. And the intro pling, try make that in tempo with the guitar picking. Good luck.

thanks a bunch, i’ll definitely give it a try.

thanks scott! really appreciate it and just went back and tweaked what you were talking about, big diff. I’m actually using Reaper and my verb is valhalla. I went with a gate with a shorter decay on the piano lead and it definitely sits better!

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would you put the hats on the off beat with the snaps?

Hey @orbiterred Cool Idea, I like the acoustic guitar sound. Nice and open (clean). My first thought - when the piano melody came in, I wanted it to swing with the same feel as the Acoustic Gtr. Would make it flow a little more I think. Also, I notice you have a “thinned out piano”(for lack of a better term) panned to the left playing chords?. I think when the main melody is introduced the piano could be a little more full bodied perhaps(warmer)? Just my subjective opinion buddy, so take it with a grain of salt, lol. All in all, great stuff man!

what a beauty :slight_smile: it sounds really good. Good luck for the approval :slight_smile:

Sound very cool !!! I like perfect work !!! Yea download on AJ !!!

thanks @yellowbirdaudio - very constructive and helpful!

Good happy acoustic sound! But 4 minutes… Make 2-2:30 minutes

Damn. Hard Rejection on AJ. Tough place!!!

I gave a listen to your Happy Acoustic piece, then I saw that you just got a hard reject… In my opinion the only person who really knows exactly why you got the hard rejection is the reviewer. It would be helpful when you get a hard reject if the reviewer would tell you exactly why they are rejecting your piece, but they don’t do that.

Too bad Scott from the community team didn’t review your piece…sounds like he would not have given it a hard reject.

Keep composing/producing and if you want to build a portfolio here … be sure to make it sound as good or better than what Audiojungle accepts…don’t get too far outside that box. I have done that a time or two and received the hard reject…

for what it’s worth I love the spaces you’ve got going on this track…really “fresh” sounding compared to most all the tracks I’ve listened to here on Audiojungle…but that’s just my opinion and my opinion and $1.95 US today will get you a gallon of gas at the station down the road from me.

Cheers man! Appreciate it.

I’ve definitely been way too outside the box before and I get that. I thought this was fairly safely inside but I know it’s a tough thing to quantify and a lot of it depends on the reviewer and the time of day I suppose.

Just in the process of installing some new acoustic treatment and upgrading my gear a bit so hopefully if it’s got anything to do with production quality I’ll be well over that hurdle and can focus 100% on composition.