First piano and orchestral submission - Feedback Please!

This will be my first relaxing/mood music that i’m submitting. Any constructive feedback would be appreciated. I’ve tried some new things in the mixing session and the mastering so I’d like to hear thoughts.

This is also my first time composing with strings; do they sound relatively real in most sections? I used automation and tweaked the attack/release controls in Logic’s studio strings to try to make it sound like real instrumentation.


Hi, WhaleSong!

First, I think the piano sounds too robotic. As if it wasn’t played on a keyboard, but rather programmed with the mouse on the piano roll. The strings are pretty artificial sounding, too.

I’d keep working on the track before submitting.
Good luck!

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Thanks Soundset. I actually played it with my Jamstik midi controller haha! But I do think it’s snapped to the grid a little too perfectly to sound live. I’ll go back and try to humanize it; that was one of my concerns.

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