Can I get your Feedback? Thanks! :)

Hey everyone.

I’ve just submitted my first entry for Audio Jungle and got rejected. Can you give me your opinion on it, so I can keep improving?


anyone? tks

IMHO the song could use some production improvements. Effects, “candies” , mixing, mastering.
Get a listening on the “Top selling” page and compare.
Where do you see your song fitting with a video in a final product? For me, if I close my eyes, the song takes me to a late 70’s early 80’s movie. Please don’t get me wrong, I like the piece, I dig the style, but from my experience AJ encourages a different trend here, and not the artistic creations. I don’t think this is the best place for this type of music. So if you want to sell, you must offer something close to what’s selling (which got me discouraged after a short period of time btw), although AJ is still claiming that they are encouraging originality. Yeah, sure.
Long story short, take your time and listen on the Top Selling page on every genre, and start from there.
Good luck!