Rejection feedback

I had a couple of rejections now and I really want to get better. The feedback only mentions that it’s not up to commercial quality. Can someone with a bit of experience please give some advise on what I can do differently?

@ComatSounds to be honest with you, I don’t know what audio jungle is doing with their review process. I think your track sounds exactly like an audio jungle song… in fact it sounds like songs they feature all the time. I’ve been making professional videos for eight years and your song is totally legit - perfect for a corporate video, an explainer or even some commercials. they’ve rejected my music multiple times now and I cant figure out why and they have no way to be specific. its possible that it sounds too similar to other audio jungle songs? but my qualm with that, is they reject songs that are out-of-the-normal-box, and all their songs sounds the pretty much the same anyway. In my opinion they were incorrect in rejecting your music. If I were you, I’d look elsewhere to submit and publish my music; I didn’t use a frequency analyzer but I can tell your track is mixed well, especially well enough for a $25 corporate song set to -16dB underneath a dialogue track. Again, I don’t think its anything you did or didn’t do, I think that their review process is intermittent at best; they’ve acknowledged they have people all around the world review the music submissions, so who knows the skill level of the person that reviewed your music. I hear worse tracks on audio jungle and worse tracks on larger commercial music sites and even worse tracks on tv. For what its worth I think your track is great for this type of music deal, and I would use it in a corporate video. My buddy mixes radio records; Bieber, Usher, Ciara Chris Brown and the list goes on. He said my mix was fine. Again, I recommend putting your hard work and dedication somewhere more rewarding. Your music is better than being rejected to be sold for $25.

Hello! Check the notes of all instruments on the second chord. The note C constantly repeating in the guitar and synthesizer implies the second chord of Gsus4. And some lines play along G. Because of what there are dissonances. The piano solo adds even more

Good morning!

Really nice job!

The only thing I’m hearing is something out of sync with the guitar/delay, it’s not quite syncing/lining up. That’s it!

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