Help I keep getting rejected by audio Jungle.

I used reference tracks last time from some of there top sellers still hard reject, unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward". Please those of you who are selling help a guy out please. here is the links to the four tracks.

You’ve got some nice chord progressions and melodic ideas, so keep working on it!

Get Down: Sounds like some minor timing issues at the beginning. Repeats to long when the drums come in. Drums sound weak, cheap. When the vocals come in, they are too loud and I’d argue don’t really mesh with the previous feeling. timing issues at 2:54. Wouldn’t call this uplifting either.

Whoa: Some piano chord hits seem slight off beat. The roto-tom hits aren’t fitting to my ear. Not a fan of the vocals either.

Uplifting BEW: Delay seems off on the Piano. Some of the claps are off as well - or the string line. Sounds like a wrong note at 1:00 - repeats again at the end. 1:15, timing issues?

Hey There: Was really liking the vibe on this one until :50 when that weird synth came in. I’d axe that and try some more traditional synth, string or guitar sounds. I haven’t studied the corporate genre much, but your pieces seem to have the same chord progression throughout. You might try mixing it up a bit for transitions or A/B form.

Good luck.

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Don’t use fake guitars, they don’t sound realistic. A major mistake.

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thanks for the input… love the help

AudioLand… thanks I see you have a lot of song on here. I’ll nix the fake guitars from now on… anything else that you think might help?

If you want a decent free guitar vst search for Ample Sound Guitar M Lite. It s free and it sounds realistic.

Hi, I’ve listened to your tracks. I may help you with some suggestions.
Please try to write as organic as possible. If you use vst, make sure it has good phrasing like proper articulation, dynamic, expression, sustain, vibrato etc. If you intend to add some electronic element, make sure you make strong synth sounds. Your tracks energy sound weak compared to other AJ tracks and some instruments especially strings/guitar sound robotic, which is easy to notice in my opinion.

Technically, You may think about adding some sustain, reverb, delay or punchiness and fullness to your tracks, achieve maximum loudness potential as hard as you can. This can be reached through the balance of arrangement, mixing and mastering. Use deep imagination to exploit some frequency space.

If you learn from AJ tracks, you should probably understand that they have pretty similar style in terms of arrangement, mixing and mastering. So keep your time to practice more and build your audio perception instead. You really have potential!!. Don’t give up!!

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Hi, in addition to what @RainforestAudio says, I think the overall biggest two things are: the timing must be more tight and your mixing needs improvement. Work on those and your tracks will improve hugely.

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thank you very much for your feedback, this is highly appreciated. and thank you for the edification on the end… blessings

thanks, I am getting two schools of thought here. One loosen the timing so to make it sound more realistic and less digital, and yours the timing is to loose. One of my reviewers says not to use timing to get rid of the obvious uses of VST;s but instead vary the variation, articulation, and expression. But not sure which is the correct way… but thanks

That’s the difficulty, making it sound natural (not roboticly quantized) and yet have a tight track.