Really trying to understand what's wrong with my tracks

Hello all. After a handful of approvals and a couple of sales, I’m now getting hard rejections and I’m really trying to understand what the problem is. Am I missing something obvious (and hopefully fixable)? Here are two rejected tracks, different in character. I hope the community can help.

Hi Orange_Note_Music. I did a quick listen to “Smooth Uplifting Corporate Achievement” and have a few observations:

  • Good mix overall with great stereo spread and balance when all the instruments are playing.
  • Piano sound is weak during the solo at 0:52; a bit bit dry overall.
  • The steel string guitar is very twangy on the high end. There is some high resonance at times that I believe are from the steel string.
  • The keyboard sound at the last break around 2:00 is not of high quality. This break is disruptive to the groove you have going at that point. You might consider cutting it out since you already had break earlier in the track.
  • The strings at the end are not good quality and the playing is rough
  • The ending is very abrupt and doesn’t sound finished.

Hope it helps.

Thanks so much for taking the time to review the track. I’ll check out your points carefully. Much appreciated.

Dude, I really loved your Hang Drum track. The composition is really refined and complex, yet direct and enjoyable.

My impression, and it’s late around here and I had a few beers so don’t take it too serious, goes as following:

· Overall, I feel maybe it’s a bit over-quantized (or too evidently quantized). The constant 16ths and short subdivisions could result tiring for some. Perhaps the track could use some dynamic/velocity variation to give the piece some air and release.
· Maybe you could work a little bit more on the reverbs trying to give them more character and personality. Perhaps simply a few extra db’s on the send channel and some EQing could do the trick.
· The hangdrum sound is outstanding while other instruments, as the piano, the kantele (?) and other plucked string instruments, are a bit rough and -no offence intended at all- cheesy. The electric guitar sounds really beautiful too!

Besides that I think it’s an outstanding composition and I can think of lots of application for it. Hope you can improve it and get it approved. Best of luck!!!

Thanks so much for your encouraging and detailed response Wormwood – even if you’ve had a few beers (and good on you) your considered comments are greatly appreciated. Cheers.

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