Feedback - please could someone tell me why this track was rejected? Thank you.

This tracks was hard rejected. Please could someone tell me why? Many thanks in advance.

“This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.”

I think it’s too much repetitive, the sound of the guitar is a little bit harsh in the high frequencies, and the string are too loud for me, imho obviously :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I really appreciate your time and knowledge. Kind regards.

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To me it does not sound like corporate. More like positive upbeat pop/rock or something.

+1 to harsh guitar and loud strings.

I think strings could play a support role doing chords instead of a melody. Glockenspiel fights in a bad way with the guitar. I like more the guitar melody so I think it would be better to make the bells to do the same as the guitar.

Usually for me works better to stick with one melody and make the rest of the elements support it. Each thing doing something different most of the time ends up clashing and sounding weird. Keep it simple.

Also, the track could have a B part, a break, or some change. It feels monotonous and repetitive.

Drums are too far away in the mix. More punch and forward sounding could be better.

I hope it helps

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Fantastic detailed feedback. Thank you so much.
If you don’t mind me asking, for section B should I carry on with the same chord progression and do a drop down to piano chords with no drums or similar, or go in a different direction altogether with new chord sequence, new instruments, etc?
Again many thanks for your brilliant feedback. I really do appreciate your time to respond.
Finally are Audio Jungle a bit more discerning than other libraries? I have never had tracks rejected from 3 other libraries that I am with and my tracks sell.
Kind regards

:slight_smile: Hi, just some more feedback:

If you plan to keep the glockenspiel somewhere in your track, I would advise to choose another one. The present one (or maybe your equalizer setting?) sounds very thin.

I also agree with the earlier comments you received. In short: a more simple arrangement and a mix with less harsh tones would help a lot, I think.

Ps: And, yes, AudioJungle have upped their game a bit. They are more picky than by the past. :wink:

Good luck!

Thank you so much.
The people on here are so friendly and helpful!
Would you have any advice to make the track less repetitive?
Again thank you!

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Simple method: Make it shorter. :wink:

End the track with a sustained chord or another form of ending at 1:18? Or, like a previous author said, find a second part (also at 1:18) to break the monotony a bit?

But, to my taste, I would go as far as completely removing the electric guitar part and just keep an unobtrusive guitar strumming rhythm to support the track.

Don’t be discouraged if you get a few rejects in a row and remember that keeping things simple seems to help a lot around here! :slight_smile:

You! … are a STAR!

Thank you so much - again!

Do you happen to know what the reverse piano type effect is that everyone seems to be using at the minute? Most tracks start with it. Am I missing a plugin? :wink:

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Hey, glad I can help a bit. :sunglasses:

To reverse most things, I simply use a reverse feature in Reaper (my main DAW), but there’s a cool piano called “Death Piano” which seems to contain already reversed presets in it. I’m tempted to buy it actually, because the price is slashed from 79$ to 29$ at the present time…

Here’s a link, just in case:

I guess there’s more straightforward pre-reversed piano samples in other places, but I don’t know any, sorry.

Bonus tip: Put a link to your profile/portfolio from your forum icon (you’ll be easier to reach). :wink:

I say this because some authors are also video editors/customers (and since today, I know of at least one top author who is also a mobile game developer). Tips like this one might seem futile at first, but in this very crowded market, even the smallest detail can sometimes make a difference between a sale or not.

Excellent bonus tip. :+1::+1: Can’t work out how to do the link though. Is it in preferences?

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Yes, it’s under preference. Click “profile”, then in the box “About me”, you can write a description and/or put a link. :slight_smile:

Done it. Brilliant. Got my website on there too.
Thank you! (again!) :pray:

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Cool. Good luck! :sunglasses: