Feedback, rejected

Maybe I’m not getting this at all. As a writer on a network TV Show looking to do this for fun and some extra income, I thought this would be a piece of cake, but Im on #2 of rejected tracks lol.

The “feedback” from Audio Jungle is 0 help. Not meeting quality standards? Looking it up it said it could literally be anything, from the music to not submitting following the guidelines (which is a mess and complicated)

Anyways, any feedback musically you think that would have gotten this rejected would be nice!

It is probably of no consolation, but if I pulled the strings on the review queue I would have that your piece through. The mix is blended well and no instrument stands out with that stereotypical low-quality MIDI honk. I do sound effects though, so someone with more of a musical ear could give you quality feedback. I can’t crack into the mind or official rulebook for a reviewer, but here are some possibilities:

  • The drums/arpeggio riff is repetitive. You have some minor variation built-in, but the song plateaus quickly and stays there. They really don’t like musical loops.

  • The market is saturated with electronic music, and they didn’t feel that this track provided anything new in terms of market viability.