Your item rejected... for no reason

I see such messages quite a lot. And I can’t tell that I do absolutely bad work. Stock illustrations is my business and like all other businesses it should to get better faster e.t.c.all for profit. I definetly can’t understand why you still can’t provide at least small feedback for rejection reasons. Is it technical problem or is it copyright or image is not so good as an art? At that point I think that you loosing money becouse a lot of rejected illustration has success at other stocks. And I do not fixing some unnamed problem becouse for me time it money too. Approvers can simply choose some typical rejection reasons from prepared list, it will take about 10 seconds for each work.
I’m just tired to spend time to get work done as good as I can and somebody decide that I do wrong.

hi buddy, what u fail to identify if that they have tons of everything and that they do not feel like that they lose something when they reject something … for the feedback all guys aspire to this obviously as this is also a way for authors to feel considered. However , authors and submissions keep inexorably growing unlike review teams so they simply do have time for individualize or rather individualized messages …

there’s also something that needs to be emphasized, if they were doing it , i guess that a lot of guys would not be much satisfied with what they ave to read in the end. Let’s face it , sometimes, part from the artistic part in what we do, there seems to be very little reasons for a rejection … not all the time, but in some cases

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