You have disabled our product which has More then 1500 sales and was trending

That’s very unfortunate. Our product which was trending and also has 1536 sales has been disabled from your codecanyon platform? Can you please at least tell us whats wrong so we can fix it.

We have given you a lot of business and this is how you treat your sellers. Thats very unfortunate. Without even notifying us you have disabled our product. Our customers putting refund request because the product isn’t available anymore

Just because the screenshots sizes were not good and you have removed the product. Thats pure jeolesy from your end.

Contact support here Submit a request – Envato Author Help Center

I am sure the Envato staff will solve this.

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We have already put the request. its been 3 days since our product is disabled. And we are loosing money here. And now our company is on their mercy. They have removed the product from their platform without even emailing or giving any prior warning us. This is how they treat their elite author sellers who has given them a lot of business in this 4 years journey.

This is very wired.

What about the item updates history, maybe they added there the reason why the product was disabled.

We continuously made the app updates. First, they disable the product which was already live and asked us to make the following updates in the code and we did and then they asked us to update the screenshots sizes, and once we did they have disabled the product without any email or any warning. This is strange that they came to know now after two years that screenshots sizes are not good. Since we had never updated the screenshots in these two years. we had just made the updates in the code. So how come they remove the product on the basis of just the screenshots. This was our product

I am sure you will get an answer soon.

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My product has been enabled again. Thank you Envato for your great support

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Glad to hear this.

Just curious what happened?

What happened?

Seems like your product was re-instated! Happy to see everything’s back! :fist_right:t2::fist_left:t2:

I got a similar mail just now and the reason is not using use strict everywhere and using $(el).click instead of $(el).on(click) etc

but my question…why don’t you email author first and give some time before disabling?
what will the company achieves by disabling an item without giving any intimation.

in my case, luckily that is not my most selling product so i am ok…but what could be the future for authors whose product is pending at the moment?

those who making decision should apply some common sense in my opinon.

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@jyostna I’m in the same situation than you.

I’m not a best-seller, and the money I earned via Envato is still small, but they disabled/rejected items, without any warning… which is not very respectful for all sellers. At least, they have to send us an email a few days ago to ask to update the item without disabled it. Very bad behavior here.

And the worst is that some of the things there are asking to update :

  • No inline CSS. All CSS must be separated into an external stylesheet. → I guess they have to learn about seo/speed, and load external css can be useless
  • No inline JavaScript. All JavaScript must be separated into an external file. → ahahah
  • Remove all commented/unused code from all files. —> yeah, great… this way, the buyers won’t understand anything in the code… what a great idea
  • Please use a unique prefix for all function names, custom image sizes, classes, constants, hooks, public/global variables, and database entries to avoid conflict issues with plugins. Anything before the first underscore is classed as the prefix, and all prefixes must be 3 chars or more. → I guess it’s a joke. Item is not a WordPress plugin, why I have to do that.

Anyway, I don’t care, I won’t ask to reactivate that, but I’ll strongly discourage any dev to sell something on a platform that takes more than 50% of fees and they can disable an item when they want, for some “weird” reason.


Well we have received the reply that it was done mistakenly. As you can see in our profile now the product created date has been changed and now it looks like it’s the new product. Its showing created date 3 March 2021 and has 1537 sales

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Yes finally Its reinstated.

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Well I agree. They had to atleast send us the email first to update the app. We have given four years in this platform and its a bread and butter for us and you remove our product from the platform overnight like as nothing happened. Whats the benefit of being the elite seller then?

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Hello Jyostna,

Exactly same point here. They first disabled the trending product by saying do these changes. we did and then we waited for the approval. We came to know after 3 days that it has been hard rejected and product is no longer in the pending approval neither its on hidden item.And on top of that there was no email. We lost a big chunk of revenue in this process. I mean whats the point of being an elite author here if you treating them with no respect. Look our product. Its showing its been created on 3rd March now which means they removed the product first from the platform. TicTic - Android media app for creating and sharing short videos by qboxus

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Glad to hear that your product got reinstated again

It’s frustrating sometimes so what about all the expected sales which you were about to get during these days ! :zipper_mouth_face: :roll_eyes:

this is very weird

Same here… Live Preview links redirect to correct demo address but disabled reason is “Your demo is not located” Should I create new link on description for that? (So, I tried and rejected again)

Also I need some dynamic styles and javascript values via php (charts etc) how can I use it on javascript files? Should I call ajax request everytime for it?

Additionally reasons tells us to dont use @import. Many modules come with these when installing such as bootstrap, semanticUI, google fonts etc… its not allowed to use them anymore?

Already accepted and sold items disabled without giving time or warning to author about this…