A new Trend of Selling Buggy Code by Some Sellers at Codecanyon

Hi, I am going through worst Experience ever with 3 sellers currently at codecanyon.
I purchased 3 Items as Below :slight_smile:
(removed author/item details as per forum ToS)
All there are selling Buggy codes and when i am asking for help they give their email id and they just make time pass over email id saying will fix the bug , will support , but never come to help.

Then i Ask for refund , Then they Cancl Refund and remove the item from codecanyon and vanished . Then i raise Dispute and codecanyon. Team start making Same time pass.

See the customer support at Envato saying on email , The Author has been vanished and he is saying he will contact him. I havd raise a dispute , it’s unfare that Suctomer support doesn’t have log s of customers’ Experience or it’s a new trend at Envato Bulling and cheating with Customer. I am really very disappoint with experiencing such.

There are no where to reply back to customer support and they don’t respond to emails i have sent .

Do you have same experience with such Sellers or i am the One ?
How i will solve and get back my money

I am sure this will be addressed by the Envato team, thsi is too much, most likely the user will get a sever warning or disabled account!

Presumably you have done as the email from envato asked and shared supporting info/screenshots etc?

I am not for one second suggesting that this situation is right, but without the full details it is important to follow the official process so that envato can try to help you

Sure this will be addressed by the Envato team.
And you will get your refund , because the author account will suspend