Envato should be stricter when accepting items for sales on the platform.

I’ve made several app purchases in the mobile area, and the authors always send the code full of bugs and send updates with even more bugs. You contact the author to fix the problem and they go many days without responding and sometimes they don’t even respond and when they respond I don’t fix anything.
The platform should look for ways to be more rigorous when the author submits a digital file for sale and certify that the digital file actually works as described. There are millions of scripts completely not working selling them lots.
If so, even I will sell my script and sell without trimming any buyers.

Haha, this is an indie market, you’re having an indie budget and the technology you do is probably also indie, so for a couple of $ dollars that’s great.

Bugs are completely normal especially with new updates, you should request for a refund if your are unhappy with the item.