Always Reject My Item.

The Envanto Team always Reject my Product. This is Hilarious For The Developers who spend Their Time In Developing App And Submit to Codecanyon. This way We the Developer how To live.

If you share your demo link then people may be able to offer feedback and help get it approved

Google Play Store Link : [Removed]

With respect that file is very very basic and below the premium level for envato.

Finally - you are an exclusive author yet you are giving the file for FREE on google play. Aside from the fact you can’t distribute files elsewhere if you are exclusive on envato (I believe that is the same rules with mobile apps but it’s not a category I am hugely familiar with) why would envato accept a file or anyone pay for a file which is freely available elsewhere?

Then I should Remove From The PlayStore and Add Some Features??.

I think you need to upgrade the quality definitely.
There’s a similar one on CC from 2014.

I’m not as familiar with that category as others so maybe email support and check the guidelines on havin or on Google Play etc.