What do you think I should do as a buyer?

Hello CodeCanyon users, I am having some issues with an app. I have bought a lot of code on here, but just this particular one seems to be giving me problems. I do not think that I am too newbie to not be able to follow simple programming instructions when they are clearly written in plain and simple English.

I bought this code in 2019 and finally set it up in Feb 2020, Ever since I bought the code, I have never been able to build a working app out of this. I even paid for backend installation fees, and that went fine, but me and my team have never been able to get an app that works out of this code. Maybe its just me and my team alone that are unable to get a working app out of this code even with the help of the author, its been a over year, still no working app for some mysterious reasons.

So recently, about a month ago the author gave me a new code to use, that code also had bugs so was not usable, but author also is saying that the code is working on their side and that they can send me a video. So I asked them to build the app and connect to the backend and compile the code, send me the apk file, so I can install and test, since its already working for them. Well that too did not work, after they sent it, there were same bugs. Then they told me there is a new update under review on envato. So I waited for a while, he said it usually take 2 weeks to go through review then pushed. I waited and contacted them today. Actually confronted them that I am not happy I have bought domain and hosting for a whole year and didnt make use of it, I have paid again for this year too and still no working app to make use of it.

Author still insists that app is working on their side and they can even send me a video. SO i said, well if its the same code you sent me and you are sue that its working, then let come give the apk file he sent me to moderators in the envato forum, for them to test and see if the app is working. He goes on to threaten me that If I take such actions, my license could be cancelled. I know that is not how it works, so I am not concerned with that.

Please help a concerned customer like yourself to get some clarity.

Your best option is to email support Envato Market Help and Support