Very Annoying Platform!

  • After delaying my latest app for more than 20 days they rejected it to be on codecanyon why? just because they think the app will not get sales!! can you believe it!

  • This is the message I received from the reviewer:

"This item has a nice concept, but this isn’t the kind of submission we’re currently looking for. The functionality provided here isn’t really what we think is in demand. I don’t think this item has sales potential or will really click with the user base. "

  • You can’t even appeal or do anything about this rejection just you must follow their bad news as facts!

After my hard work on my app code, they simply rejected it without any good reason, the support was very bad too they couldn’t help you with anything!

As Authors the platform must respect us and support us not act like this, This is Unbelievable!!

It is not enough for them that they take the largest share of the sales profits, but they also refuse the items without any convincing reason only for unrealistic reasons, Is this reasonable?

Is this platform heading to the abyss or what?

Note: I am not new, I have been on this website for +2 years and I have many good sales.

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Envato is offering you premium products at more than affordable prices, most authors are dedicated to their work. approving a project is really difficult because quality and originality is required.

My theme, Acora had one hard reject and after that I remade it and had sixteen soft rejected it took almost two years to get it approved.

There is no room for mediocre work here or work that has already been done and compiled to some extent.

This is a unique place that is not perfect but consider the world we live it in Heaven!

About your rejection I am sorry maybe you should rethink your strategies for creating your projects if you want to search for references always for the latest approved projects in your category, do not get inspiration from 1+ years of approved products because standards are constantly changing…

As for the API keys I am sure Envato support will figure it out just write a ticket.

The licenses is clearly for one installation/domain so trying to use different temporary domains and then change it to a different live site domain will create issues.

That’s hardly fraudulent.

Depending on the item you should be able to easily deactivate on the temporary domain and apply it to the live site.

If it’s not obvious how to do that then you need to talk to the author.

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Wanna share the demo site?