Envato Please Protect us

I am a new author at envato selling scripts. I first published less than a week ago. My product was great I can attest but I have had 2 reversals and my script is now out there sold on different platforms without my permission. This is really getting frustrating. Can Envato please protect author rights and avoid these? How can someone test and download your product, wait for a day then reverse and sell the script eleswhere? THIS IS REALLY SAD.

Although obviously wrong - as per all the other threads about this,

  • sales reversals are beyond envato’s control

  • They have nothing at all to do with the process.

  • alll envato can do is to disable accounts etc i.e. what they can control, which they do already

  • this is the exact same on any other marketplace

  • it doesn’t benefit envato either so if there was a solution they would have implemented it

If anyone has a viable solution to preventing the problem then I am certain that envato and every other marketplace would love to hear it and would apply it very quickly.

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@ [odhiamboisatieno](Profile - odhiamboisatieno - Envato Forums - I think you’re totally right, and after years I still can’t understand why Envato doesn’t want to make any effort to protect the authors work.

I understand that it may not be so easy, but I know that some things could be done, with code protection using Envato’s API to check the purchase codes, and in sending DMCA.

I already wrote to Envato about this, and on the forum:


I worked to set up my own solution for each item I sale.

Many Envato items should also be removed from the database, I mentionned this too but got no success.