My product was stolen from codecanyon and published for 3rd time

Hi Authors!
Hope you have good sales. Unfortunatelly, sometime not how it can be expected, and the reason that your item probably already been stolen and sold by someone on another website or even available for free. It’s just like my story:

I publish my item 2 days ago and today got a first sale that been reversed in less the few minutes. But this was already enough to steal the product. Some websites, like these: (removed)

Have already description, images, and link to download/purchase(not from codecanyon) of my item, and this already happend with 2 other my products before. Previous I asked Envato to block that users, but it does not resolve the issue, instead these reversal purchase are made by some account with random letters:

How do you protect your product? And how to be sure that you product won’t be stolen again

Hi, Reversal depending different factors. Like bank payment issues or other card issues. I hope many cases immediately Reversal not possible to downloads.

When you have find that websites then you can submit DMCA to that released websites. admins delete immediately.

Submit DMCA on Envato? Removing an account does not stop from creating a new one. How can I report a website to be removed?

You can send DMCA to web hosting company you can check domain DNS. They will take a action to this.