Problem with Author! Can envato maintain history of every release of product made by author?

I really met amazing sellers on Envato. InspiredUi has been doing exceptionally well for the services they provide. Thanks to Envato we are able to reach such a good seller. :slight_smile:

I bought a product which appealed to me. In the beginning, it had bugs (planted on purpose) getting frustrated with the code asked fixes, they offered me installation service, later they asked to pay, after paying them installation charges the product worked but was not completely functional as mentioned.

The author said they are launching new release and will fix them. But when the newly released product did not have the features for what I paid. The description of the product is changed and now he is not willing to provide the features. In this case, what can a buyer do?

The code released has bugs planted on purpose. When we realize that there is an issue they ask to contact on support. But the original code is still not provided, a compiled version is provided instead of code. When the original code is asked it does not work as advertised.
Later he changed the complete item description, what can I do about this?

When a detailed comment is written about the bugs they flag the comment. What can a buyer do?

Is this a fair business? Where can I report such issues? :frowning_face:
What action can Envato take against such seller who shows different and provides a different code?

Seller makes me provide a good review in order to get the proper code. Also, the latest release has not been corrected and they promised me to provide the code off Codecanyon on Monday.

Suggestion: @DanieleFilippi Can Envato provide a verified blue tick for the product which code is properly functional and workes as advertised.

What happens when the comment is flagged? I can understand one comment might have violated the policy and its removed. But why is that when I make a detailed review of the code it gets flagged and I can’t do anything about it.