100+ sale and suddenly Envato disable our product


101 sale and suddenly Envato disable our product. Can any one help me with that ? at least one warning or email required for remove the product from envato. Our all buyers are happy with our product and all our review are 5 star positive.

Still we need to do business or not

Appreciate all author provide feedback.



You should receive email in case of hard/soft disabled your item. In forum no one will be able to help in this concern. you must have to go with envato author support to know the reason. If you already received email then you can reply the email and continue from there.


Alright, I agree. But at least one warning and Recently already discuss with envato team and they’re said all good with now. Again they are disable the product without formal warning via email. I hope you understand.

Most likely this can happen when you get DMCA takedown. in that case you get Email from envato about item disable. maybe check your spam box. sometime email can take some hours to arrive.

Its not really about DMCA takedown. Because we make our own product. We didn’t received any email regarding related to DMCA. We already discuss about recently via email conversation between the Envato and they’re said all good for now and suddenly they disable our product. Once product gone live you can check all buyers review 5 star with satisfied with our product.

sometimes someone may get misunderstood and ask for takedown.
just saying from experience. as once one user from github taken down my project on codecanyon just because he thought i used his project which was not case and my project become live after that person not responded to my Reply on DMCA notice.

Its not about DMCA takedone 100% sure about this thing. We already experience with this things. But We already contact the support and they didn’t response. Our all buyers waiting for purchase.

please keep patience hope support team will reply as quickly they can. currently support team experiencing a high volume of enquiries and response time could be some delay.

We can wait for Envato support team but my concern is Envato take a too much commission and author did not get any security even one small warning or email conversation. At least author get one notification so we can fix the issue. But recently already discuss with Envato team and they said all good and certainly why this happen ?

support team is the right team to give your answer. In forum no one know the background of your issue. so please get in touch with them.

Alright but All author need to know about this things or not. If Envato take too much commission then all author get the High End Security and at least one email before disable the product, My current product on popular section and suddenly this thing happen its not a fair.

cool! if author break any author terms or envato policy then author will get a warning email to fix. but if the issue is related to any hard violation as like copyright isue in any item then author will not get warning, author will be notified that the item got disabled because if they not disabled the item then support can get multiple request about hard violation and as a result the author account can be suspended. so in case of any hard violation support team take action immediately to avoide any big loss to author and envato market. then author can get in touch with support to know more details. hope you understand!

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Alright but we already try and follow up via Envato team. They didn’t provide any small warning email. Suddenly disabled the product. We’re waiting for Envato team revert. Our all buyer’s waiting for purchasing.

There could be many reasons not just DMCA but bad app, or security risk of the app

No if bad app then 100 sale not happening :slightly_smiling_face:. They already resolved issue and again our product live. Again 4 reversal in row. Someone target the our app.

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I’m glad it has been sorted.

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