Hard Disabled.

My Item is hard disabled due to DMCA. I don’t know why? Even my item was approved after long changes mentioned by the reviewer. I didn’t make any changes to images or code etc. after that.

I was selling this item on Codester for a long time. and asked it to Envato when I submitted it on Envato. and set my status as Not-Exclusive and after good return from Envato, I disabled the sales anywhere and become Exclusive on Envato.

How should I know what was the DMCA?

I remember on Codester I received a Copyright Theft notice at(October 2019) by someone, and for proved I submitted my Git Log, etc and won the case. Now how can I prove if that was the same issue as I faced on Codester.

I would try contacting Envato support about that. They should be able to give you an exact reason.

Highly Appreciated! I can send you or Envato about the email copies by Codester regarding apology and misguiding by someone towards Copyright Theft.

If someone claims the DMCA, then at least Envato asks Author about that to prove, it may be someone doing it falsely.

My Case id is 2153442, which I received by email. Maybe you need to check

No one can check except official support.

Envato has to disable any item with a claim against it.

It’s worth sharing historic cases but they will still need to conduct their own investigation

I replied to the email, that I received from Envato, but when I will get the reply back from my reply? Are they reply?

Or should I contact Envato support about that? The support URL?

If it’s hard disabled then it’s only Envato support team which can help and can provide you help

Thank you! I replied so much time to support. But did not reply back yet. Is this time taking process?

Sometime’s it’s hectic and is a really time taking process.

It is unlikely to be a rapid response as they will need to investigate the claim against it - they can’t just take either side’s word for it