Can't Understand Envato Policy

I have got SOFT-DISABLED for one my script in codecanyon.

I have read some articles which is mentioned its happening normally because of some buyers did direct complaint to envato. Ok I accept this. Envato maintain its Quality. I think its compulsory process too.

But before they deactivate the product they need to ask the issue to seller. And if the seller doesn’t act well they may do deactivation.

But I need to know one thing if Envato always keep their Quality Policy to protect Buyers then What about the Sellers Side Protection?

Most of the buyers bought the script with Regular License, but they used it for their client with fees and multiple sales. Yes Envato gives Extended License too. But How they can check the buyer they use it or sell it?

Any Senior Member of Envato answer for this please.

If there;s a complaint about an item then it;s usually best for Envato, or whichever marketplace it might be, to take the item down asap. If there’s some kind of legal claim then Envato could become liable if they didn’t act asap. Waiting one, two, three days for a response to an email probably wouldn’t cut it. The reason for your soft-disable may have nothing to do with any kind of legal or copyright claim, but I think taking down an item asap is more of a better safe than sorry kind of thing.

What would you suggest? What kind of protection are you looking for?

There’s nothing wrong with that.

I guess they can’t. But if you have evidence of somebody breaking the licensing terms then you should bring it to the attention of Envato. As you’re the author, you can probably do more than they can, but I’m sure they’ll do whatever they can do to help.