My item has been hard disabled due to DMCA copyright complaint need help to enable item again.

My new item approved 8 days ago and few days ago I have got a mail from envato author to takedown notice for my item and now it hard disabled and the reason is - “Indeed” is a registered trademark for a job board site, please rename your item. I have already rename all name from my demo.

And I have see this below notification above my item details:
“This item is currently hidden, and needs to be reviewed before you can put it on sale. Just use the “Submit files to review” button on the Edit tab.If your item was rejected, please make sure you have fixed all the issues outlined during the review process.”

But I cannot edit my item and my question is how can i reactive my item & what the process to enable?



If you copy anything from any other author they have right to send you DMCA takedown notice in that reason your item will be disable remember next time if you received any DMCA any other author your account will be suspended & Envato removed your author account.

If you didn’t agree with that author who send you DMCA take down notice then you can send him a counter DMCA notice.If they can’t prove the reason then your item will enable again in your account after 12days.

When a DMCA notice issued Envato team review that, then they takedown your item i thing you must do something like that about copy there is the reason you got/received that.
No one can help you in this situation you have to contact with that author and compromise about that if that author withdraw their DMCA then your item will Enable again.

This is helpful article about DMCA Takedown notice.

DMCA takedown notices - Frequently Asked Questions


But I can’t see who claim against my script & there are no information about this. Is there any option to show who send DMCA notice? And one thing is it possible to delete this disabled item?

Thanks for your kind information.

  • Check your Envato DMCA mail there is attachment or you can share your mail.
  • You are not able to delete disabled item.

unfortunately you will not be able to see who claim. Actually this type of things handle by Enavto Team very sensatively. Already Hard disbaled Items you can’t delete and there is no chance to enable in future. So, my suggestion please be cool and be carefull about this type of issues. Thanks

Edit: I think @unlockdesign know better than me about DMCA. So, please check his bellow Comments

Hey @mgscoder if anyone send you DMCA you can see him but copyright claim situation you can’t see.