Item disabled by competitive owner DCMA

One of my item disabled just now, for a DCMA Notice. But my item is a unique one, the opponent item is a outdated software and don’t have worth to competitive with my product, so he send a DCMA notice to envato.

I am 100% sure it’s completely my work, nothing copied.

How to activate my item?

you need to reply to the dmca with a counter DMCA explaining why it’s false - info available at

Why they disabled my item without checking anything?

As it explains in the link I added, it’s because they have too by law… if someone sends in a DMCA the “hoster” of the copyright has to act within a certain amount of time or they can be held liable for “hosting” potentially illegal files.

You need to respond to Envato as soon as you can so they can check the files and get your item back up.

By direct mail to envato?

@FirstCoder OMG, simply open the link above.

My Product link and competitor link?

He means the link that @Gareth_Gillman gave you in his first reply. The instructions are all in there.

Okay @UXbarn