2 my items were hard disabled due copyright issue and still doesn't enabled


One week ago I’ve received an email (request 1340645) with notification that 2 of my items were disabled because they have one image which can’t be used in the demo.

I understand that this is my item, but the original HTML templates for these Drupal themes were taken from another author on the market and I even didn’t know that this image has an issue

It was my small vacation, but I immediately went home and removed this image, however, my items still not enabled and I have next questions:

  1. Is this hard disable is correct, if this image doesn’t include in the package? It showed only on my server and in the ThemeForest archive all images replaced with placeholders.
  2. Is this true that if I will receive a second such issue then my account will be disabled?
  3. Could anyone from Envato help me and enable my items, because all my earning goes to my team, which develop a new WordPress theme for this marketplace.


I would like to recommand you please Contact Support. They will assist you about your concern.

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I’ve already made this, but looks like this doesn’t help.

please keep patience and wait for the reply. You will get the correct reply about your concern because Support from copyright experts will reply you.

if you received any of copyright issue from any where Envato customer success can’t do anything.Even they will not say who send you copyright claim this is security issue of copyright claim user.
you must do something like that what deserve copyright from somewhere.
If you received DMCA you have to contact with that author who send you DMCA.

if you received 2 time DMCA then your account will be disabled.

Let us know if you have any other question.

  1. Is this true that if I will receive a second such issue then my account will be disabled?

I think yes - if you get 2-3 (not sure how much) DMCA the account will be disabled. I have read about this couple of months ago.

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Hi there,

If you can tag someone from @envato team, could you please do this?

My items still hidden, it’s 10 day left and I really need the money which I’m losing without this item.

This is so demotivating…

Thank and Happy New Year


May be someone from Envato could help me?


Hi mate. Resubmission time is ~15 days


One of my items was enabled last week, but another still disabled - it’s gone more than 20 days.

Could someone from Envato team clear this question? I’ve removed the image from our live demo in 5 hours after received the notification, so why it takes so long to enable my items?

I even don’t want to think how much money I’ve lost during this operation - very sad that Envato doesn’t care about us (authors).


Could someone give me contacts anybody from Envato so I will contact them directly? I’ve already submited a ticket but looks like nobody care about this important for me issue. My item still disabled for about 20 days.