No answer from Envato Support

Hello Everyone,

Last week, one of my items has been disabled by Envato Team,

The person who disabled my item (I can’t mention her name) told me that it was a similar item to a previously accepted content, but it’s not ! I’m sure.

Anyway, I replied her with screenshots and a list of big differences 7 days ago, and I opened a new ticket in Envato Support to inform them about this case and I contacted the Reviewer who accepted my item, Unfortunately I didn’t got any answer …

Is that normal to wait one week to get a single answer for this ?

I will appreciate if someone help me with this.

Thank you so much.

Hello Celtano,

Sorry for what happen with you, try to contact them again in same ticket.

Try to contact with this person who disabled your item if you know here/him to know what’s the similar sections and try to edit it.

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Hello Marwa,

Thank you so much for your answer,

Yes I will, I have no choice but recontact them :slight_smile:

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Hello @jamesgiroux, @BenLeong, @steve_lam, @Suzitre, @hevada, @loungekat, @trent-aus, @KingDog

I need your help please,

I felt oppressed about what happened to me last week,

I worked hard on that template,

Check this issue for me,

I will be very grateful if you help with this,

Thanks everyone