My item was disable without clearly reason from support team.


My live item was disabled by the Support team from Envato without any reason for clearly yet.

5 days ago, supporter email to us have a ticket id which we don’t know how to access to see ticket details, and tell us response back. We response back immediate but they not answer why.

So, today my item was disabled with same reason content is the Ticket ID like this

We really don’t know how to fix with that info for our theme.

And we do not agree with the way Supporter communication with us like that.

That takes time for both.

I hope Mod can read this and explain to us and change the way community with all Authors in the market.

To all: If you have the same problem can you share how to solve it to us?

Best Regards

I think at here envato forum we can’t help you enough wait for support team solution.

Thank you! But my problem I want to show here just want for best for the community. Best for Envato because the way we can do is save time for working. Save time to improve the experience to the author, to the buyer. Because currently, many people email to us asking when it publishes to buy.

I also trying to contacting supporters but no one answer in last 2 hours.

envato market don’t have any live chat service. they only have mail support and they have ticket queue they replied people one by one. i hope they will reply to you soon.
Did you open Ticket from author help center ?

Thank you!

Yes, I just created it.

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Thank you @unlockdesign the supporter had answered to me to clearly all!

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