Why is envato not replying to my ticket

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I recently brought this theme called Munza within 12 hours of me buying the theme it was removed, even before i could download it. i made a ticket 4-5 days ago but envato hasn’t replied to me yet. i need to complete this project and deliver it to my client but because of this issue my client is getting pissed at me.
is there a way to track the ticket or contact envato directly?

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may be there are any specific reason to remove the theme. More info here Why has my item been removed.

You are getting late because of week end and also envato support team will reply to all request one by one. So, please keep patience hope you will hear from them soon.


Don’t buy from Themeforest. If you complain about whatever problem with the themes they sell being a useless theme or a useless support form part of the seller they’ll not answer and just take your money. The theme I bought is useless I tried to make it work twice wasting a lot of time while doing it and im getting the refund request declined. the seller declined right when sent it but I asked for support a day before and by the time I asked for the refund my answer wasn’t still answered but the seller did have enough time to decline refund. I repeat Do not buy from theme forest they support their sellers to take money from customers.

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E MAILED them about my subscription was a mistake NO answer dose anyone know WHY???


Same thing happend to me. Did you solved it and got it solved?

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I’m also having a big problem with an author which doesn’t reply at all. I’m waiting from May 16th for some bug fixes but without any result. I contacted Envato and they only can give my money back! That’s not an option: we worked more than 10 weeks on our website and it’s almost finished. How can I get my support?